Haircut while playing video games!

We're more than just a salon. We are the ultimate family salon! We love what we do and we want you to have a great time while your here. We offer the latest styles for all ages in a fun, bright and friendly atmosphere. So come in and see what we're all about, and while you'll love getting your haircut!

Fun haircuts for kids

Our stylists know how to make getting a haircut fun! The haircut is a lot more fun and a lot less frightening when its being done in a pink cadillac, an airplane, an old time police car or on a harley while watching a favorite movie or t.v. show. We love kids and we work hard to make them enjoy their visit.

The experience of a fun haircut!

We want your experience with us to be different from any other hair salon you have ever visited! You'll have plenty of entertainment to pass the time. Two separate waiting areas, one for adults with free play arcade games and one for kids with plenty to inspire creativity and imaginative thinking.

Haircuts for Adults too!

We're not just for kids and we're fun for adults too! Each of our adult stations have a 40” HD Widescreen TV and Playstation 3. So, let our licensed stylists give you the latest style while you catch up on the news, cheer on your favorite team, watch your favorite show or play a video game!

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